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How Much are Carpet Cleaning Services?

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    The average cost to clean carpet is $165, ranging from $115 to $259, for spaces under 1,000 square feet, depending on several factors. The wide range of carpet cleaning prices hinges on square footage, number of rooms, carpet material and any additional services you choose.

    In addition to simply making your floors look and smell great, regular professional carpet cleaning can extend the lifespan of your floor covering, minimising the frequency and overall cost of new carpet installations. Even cheap carpets can benefit from regular professional cleaning.

    Your Carpet Is Probably Nasty—Here's Everything to Know About Professional Cleaning

    Whenever I vacuum my carpets, I’m always surprised at how much dust and dirt is sucked out. However, this pales compared to what's removed during a more thorough carpet cleaning. Anyone who's seen those carpet cleaning videos online knows that old carpets and rugs can hold onto a shocking amount of disgusting gunk—which vacuuming alone can't remove. While there are DIY carpet cleaning solutions, you may want to bring in the pros for a serious clean, which leads to two questions: How much does carpet cleaning cost, and how do you know if you need it? Keep reading to find out more.

    Carpet Cleaning Methods

    The type of carpet cleaning treatment or method you choose can also make a difference in cost.

    • Dry Cleaning: (Estimated cost: $215) “Dry cleaning uses a low-moisture system, and the cleaning agents may protect against future stains,” Steckel says. However, Steckel warns that some chemicals could be problematic for people with allergies.
    • Steam Cleaning: (Estimated cost: $300) “Steam cleaning removes most dirt, bacteria, and grime from your carpets,” Steckel says. But with this method, be prepared to stay off the carpets for a while since it will take some time to dry.
    • Carpet Shampooing: (Estimated cost: $240) This method typically involves a machine that includes one tank with cleaning solution or shampoo and another that holds the dirty water once removed from the carpet.
    • Encapsulation: (Estimated cost: $0.20 per square foot) The encapsulation process involves a liquid or foam detergent that crystalises into a vacuumable powder as it dries.
    • Bonnet Cleaning: (Estimated cost: $25 per room) This method is popular in commercial buildings and involves a heavy-duty machine with a motorised spinning pad covered in cleaning solution.

    How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    Factors in Calculating Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost

    Several factors can influence carpet cleaning costs. Prices can differ from the national average due to carpet size, carpet material, the cleaning method, and how the services are priced. Homeowners will want to remember that unusually high prices could signify rate inflation, and companies with very cheap carpet cleaning rates may deliver poor-quality cleaning.

    Carpet Size and Material

    The average range for professional carpet cleaning costs is between $0.20 and $0.40 per square foot. A team will typically visit the home to measure and calculate the square footage for an estimate as part of the quote process. If a homeowner wants to clean carpets in the entire house, the company may offer carpet cleaning deals for multiple rooms.

    In addition, the cleaning method will depend on the carpeting material. The twists and loops of the material impact how much dirt, dust, and pet hair the carpet holds. The methods of carpet construction affect the thickness, overall look, and risk of staining. Removing stains, dirt, and debris may take more time and effort if a carpet is thick. There are different cleaning solutions, cleaning methods, and equipment that are more appropriate for certain types of carpeting. All of these factors can impact overall carpet cleaning costs.

    Cleaning Method

    There are several carpet cleaning methods, each with specifications and special pricing. The type of carpet, length of the pile, overall condition, and the number of set-in stains all play a role in determining what kind of cleaning method will work the best. The cost is affected by how long it takes to clean the carpet, the cleaning solutions needed, and what type of equipment is required. The most common cleaning methods are shampooing, dry cleaning, hot water extraction, encapsulation, bonnet, and carbonated cleaning.the most important step in keeping a carpet clean (3)

    Pricing Structure

    Some companies charge by square foot or per room. The average pricing per square foot is between $0.20 and $0.40. Using this estimate makes it easy to calculate potential carpet cleaning costs. Those who charge per room usually have a flat fee, although some restrictions may be made on the size. Some carpet cleaning price ranges per room are:

    • 1 room: $25 to $75
    • 2 rooms: $40 to $150
    • 3 rooms: $75 to $250
    • 4 rooms: $90 to $300
    • 5 rooms: $150 to $600

    Always check to see if there are discounts available for cleaning multiple rooms.

    How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Overall Cost? – Latest Prices

    To answer the question “How much does carpet cleaning cost?” we have created this article with some helpful information about what you can expect from a professional carpet cleaning price. To help you figure out how much carpet cleaning is, we can teach you a little about what carpet cleaning is so that you will understand what you need. 

    How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    The average range of professional carpet cleaning is between $90 and $350; most homeowners pay around $175. It is a pretty big range and depends mostly on the size of the carpets you want to have cleaned. 

    There is much more to carpet cleaning costs, and you need to consider several factors when estimating the price of cleaning your carpets. Having a professional carpet cleaner give you an estimate is the best way to know how much your carpet will cost to clean.

    How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Cost?

    It is possible to rent a carpet cleaner and attempt carpet cleaning yourself. According to, carpet cleaning machines can start at just $29.99 for a 24-hour rental. 

    You could save a lot of money by renting the machine and doing the work yourself, but the truth is that cleaning a carpet is harder than it seems. Making a little mistake with a carpet cleaning machine could end up costing you big time or even ruining your carpet.

    A professional carpet cleaner will do such a better job and do it so fast that you should not think twice about hiring a professional to do this work for you. Professional carpet cleaners get a lot of calls from people who have messed up trying to clean their carpets themselves, so it can cost you more time and money to attempt to do it yourself.

    What’s the Cost Per Square Foot for Carpet Cleaning?

    The industry’s range for carpet cleaning is $0.15 to $0.50 per square foot. Based on these prices, here is a list of sizes for carpets and their ranges of costs:

    • 200 – 400 sq.ft.: $80-$140
    • 500 – 1000 sq.ft.: $100-$250
    • 1000 – 1500 sq.ft.: $200-$300
    • 1500 – 2000 sq.ft.: $250-$500
    • 2000 – 3000 sq.ft.: $400-$600

    Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Room

    The running price in the industry is between $30 to $80 for one room. Carpet cleaning per room becomes cheaper when you have more rooms.

    It is said that customers should be wary of advertisements for carpet cleaners that charge per room. Sometimes, the ads can be misleading, and you pay more than you thought.

    Additional Costs and Considerations

    When budgeting for carpet cleaning costs, it’s helpful for homeowners to know of any additional factors and considerations that could affect the overall cost. These include stain and odour removal, water damage, furniture moving, room preparation, stairs, cleaning, carpet replacement, and travel fees.

    Stain and Odor Removal

    Stain removal can cost an additional $25 to $40 per area to be treated. Pet stains and odours are more expensive at $30 to $50 per hour since they can sink deep into the carpet fibres and take significant time to remove. It’s crucial to eliminate pet stains as soon as possible to avoid strong odours. Food stains rarely take as much labour to extract and are usually priced toward the lower end of the estimate. Odour removal typically involves pretreatment and specialised cleaning fluids.

    Water Damage Repair

    Water damage cleaning can run between $450 and $2,000. Water damage happens when excessive water is allowed to sit on the carpeting and soak into the padding. Removing the water usually takes high-powered extraction, and the padding may remain wet even then. If that’s the case, the padding will need to be replaced to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

    Room Preparation

    Most companies request that any personal and delicate belongings be removed from the area before the cleaning process begins. Some companies will move light furniture out of the room, but if a homeowner wants heavier furniture removed, it could cost an additional $10 to $50 per item.

    Preparing the room by vacuuming and removing furniture can keep costs down and expedite the process. Explaining the high-traffic areas and providing information about stains can help a professional treat them with the correct pretreatment solution. If pets are in the house, they will need to be temporarily removed or secured in another room so they don’t walk across freshly cleaned carpets or dart out the front door when it’s open to move the equipment in and out.


    Cleaning stairs can cost between $2 and $5 per step due to the additional work required. During the estimate process, customers will want to ask if this price is included with the charge per square foot or if it’s added as an extra fee.

    Carpet Replacement

    If homeowners ignore the need for professional carpet cleaning for too long, they may need to replace the carpet. Allowing stains to set, not using pressure to draw out water spilled on the carpet, and infrequent vacuuming can result in impossible carpeting. Replacement costs can range from $3 to $11 per square foot.

    Carpet Cleaning Cost for Different Cleaning Methods and Carpet Types

    There are around five types of carpet cleaning methods, and they come at various rates. Among those cleaning methods, the go-to choices are steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

    Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

    It is the best option for deep penetration that effectively removes pet dander, stains, and nasty smells. The first step is to precondition your carpets to soften stains, then use hot water to wash them deeply.

    Carpet cleaning cost estimates are as follows:

    • $100-$200: 1000 sq. ft.
    • $300-$400: 1000 – 1400 sq. ft.
    • $500: 1500 – 2000 sq. ft.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    For our businesses with lots of traffic, like hotels and apartments, their go-to choice is dry carpet cleaning since there’s no need to wait for your carpets to dry. We use a specialised powder injected into your carpets using a counter-rotating brush. The normal price for dry carpet cleaning is $80 to $350.

    Carpet Shampooing

    This carpet cleaning method is ideal for stubborn pet stains and accidents. The foam formed during the washing process absorbs and sanitises your carpets.

    Its main setback will be the high amount of water used and the longer drying time. The estimated rate for this is around $80 to $400.

    Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

    A modern carpet cleaning process that uses less water for washing and rinsing. Most business establishments with high foot traffic prefer this service, and its approximate cost is $130 to $560.

    Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

    There are several methods that professionals use to clean carpeting. While all of these practices may be available, only one or two may work well on the carpeting in a home. Knowing the methods that are the best for the type of carpet in the home can help homeowners make informed decisions about the pile length, overall condition, and amount of staining on the carpet.

    the most important step in keeping a carpet clean


    Bonnet cleaning focuses on a superficial cleaning rather than a deep-down cleaning of the carpet fibres. A cleaning solution-soaked spinning pad on a motorised machine spins over the carpet’s surface to remove dirt and debris. The pad must be rinsed or replaced often since it quickly absorbs dirt. The lack of moisture means this method has a quick drying time, but be aware that dirt from deep in the carpet will eventually resurface. Bonnet cleaning typically runs between $25 and $85 per room or an average overall cost of $150.

    Carbonated Cleaning

    Carbonated cleaning costs between $80 and $200 per room, or $340 on average. This process uses hot water and chemical bubbles to work out ground dirt in the carpet fibres, which is then vacuumed. This cleaning method uses minimal water for a quick dry time.

    Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is a low-moisture method of carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning uses a dry formula of solvents and cleaning agents that adhere to dirt. After sitting for 10 to 15 minutes, the formula and dirt will be vacuumed away with powerful suction. This method isn’t deep cleaning but removes dirt, debris, and odours. It is a popular cleaning method because there’s virtually no drying time. Dry cleaning a carpet costs an average of $220, or $60 to $130 per room.


    Encapsulation is a popular cleaning method due to the quick drying time of one to two hours. This method uses a brush to apply a foam or liquid cleaning agent to the carpet, forming a powder. Dirt and debris become encapsulated within the powder, which is vacuumed away. Encapsulation will not leave behind a residue, but it isn’t recommended for heavily soiled carpeting. Homeowners can expect to pay between $80 and $350 per room, or $200 total, for this type of carpet cleaning.

    Green Carpet Cleaning

    While not technically a cleaning method, green carpet cleaning practices are important to many homeowners. Using eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods costs between $100 and $200 per room. Organic cleaners are nontoxic and can be used with shampoo machines, hand brushes, and steam extractors. These natural solutions also work as disinfectants and can be used as an all-purpose cleaner throughout the home. Many carpet cleaning companies offer green cleaning options but always ask what services and cleaning solution brands they provide.

    Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

    Many use the terms “hot water extraction” and “steam cleaning” interchangeably, but the two have some differences. Hot water extraction can cost between $100 and $200 per room, with an average cost of $400. This cleaning method uses high pressure to deliver hot water and sometimes a cleaning agent to dissolve dirt and grime. The solution is then vacuumed, but drying thoroughly can take a day or two. This cleaning method can be harsh for natural fibres, such as wool or velvet, and damage the material.


    Shampooing a carpet can cost $65 to $150 per week, or around $240 on average. This cleaning method uses a shampooing machine that applies a foaming cleanser. It creates a foam layer on the carpet that the rotating brushes work into the carpet. Powerful suction removes the foam and dirt and takes little time to dry. While this method works well for heavily stained and soiled carpets, shampoo residue can be left behind, discolouring the carpet and eventually attracting more dirt and stains.

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning involves heating water hotter than hot water extraction, so almost all the liquid water is turned into a vapour. It’s an effective way to kill germs and allergens, but steam cleaning doesn’t raise the carpet pile, meaning it doesn’t clean as deeply into the fibres as hot water extraction would. Carpet steam cleaning costs between $100 and $400 per room, with an average of $300.


    You can save significant money by purchasing your carpet cleaning machine. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it allows you to clean your carpets whenever you want to.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Services

    How much do carpet cleaning services typically cost?

    The cost of carpet cleaning services can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of cleaning method used (such as steam cleaning or dry cleaning), and the geographical location. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot. For a standard three-bedroom house, this could translate to an overall cost ranging from $75 to $350, though prices can be higher for larger homes or more complex cleaning needs.

    What factors influence the cost of carpet cleaning services?

    Several factors can influence the cost of carpet cleaning services, including:

    1) Size of the Area: Larger areas require more time and cleaning solutions, increasing costs.
    2) Cleaning Method: Different cleaning methods (e.g., steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or shampooing) have varying prices.
    3) Carpet Type: Some carpets require special care or methods that can be more expensive.
    4) Stain Removal: Tough stains may require special treatment, adding to the cost.
    5) Location: Prices can vary by region due to differences in labour and operational costs.

    Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

    Yes, there can be additional costs beyond the basic cleaning service, including:

    1) Heavy Stain Treatment: Deep or stubborn stains may incur extra charges.
    2) Moving Furniture: If the cleaning service needs to move furniture, there might be an additional fee.
    3) Stairs: Cleaning carpeted stairs often cost more due to the additional labour involved.
    4) Pet Odors and Stains: Special treatments for pet-related issues can add to the cost.

    How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

    The frequency of professional carpet cleaning depends on several factors, including foot traffic, the presence of pets, children, or allergies, and whether the carpet is in a high-use area. Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least once a year to maintain the carpet's appearance and longevity. Homes with pets or children might benefit from cleaning every 6 to 9 months.

    Can I get a discount on carpet cleaning services?

    Many carpet cleaning companies offer discounts or special deals, especially during off-peak seasons or for first-time customers. It's also common to find discounts for cleaning multiple rooms or when combining services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning. Always ask for any current promotions or discounts when booking a service. Additionally, some companies offer loyalty discounts or packages for regular customers.